Why People Give

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ginny's Story

How exciting to see a simple principle like ‘six degrees’ work so effectively to bring such good! The SixDegrees.org challenge to become a celebrity for my own cause has given me the opportunity to raise both money and awareness for the Child Rescue Centre in new ways.

The Child Rescue Centre (CRC) is truly a place of miracles. Many children in Sierra Leone, West Africa endured horrific experiences during their country’s brutal ten-year civil war, which ended in 2002. Some lost whole families and were left to live on the streets. The CRC offers safety and hope to children who have been rescued from their desperate conditions, by providing food, clothing, education, healthcare and a safe, nurturing environment. Helping Children Worldwide supports the CRC with educational programs, operational support, and vocational training initiatives, among other things.

Children who once wondered where their next meal would come from are now able to enjoy their childhoods and make plans for their futures. They have hope and they have big plans! One child hopes to become a lawyer. Several younger children are interested in studying medicine, and one young man wants to be the president of his country when he grows up. Watch the short video below to see the children singing/studying/riding bikes/etc.

Just think - these children in Sierra Leone are just a couple degrees from many caring Americans! It is awesome to see the power of goodness and generosity at work in the lives of so many, and to know its effects will be long lasting in the lives of these children.

To learn more about the history of Sierra Leone’s civil war please watch the Oscar-nominated movie Blood Diamond and read the bestselling book, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah.