Why People Give

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mary's Story

Mary orchestrated tremendous support for 11th Hour Rescue. She is a member of this 100% volunteer based organization that literally saves dogs at the last minute from being destroyed. This money raised will allow them to continue to care for the dogs in the rescue program and furthers their overall mission of saving wonderful, highly adoptable companion animals in kill shelters....animals whose only crime is they are out of time.

The internet is a powerful tool which the dedicated volunteers of 11th Hour used to reach out to the community to ask for their assistance in taking on the Six Degrees Challenge. The community responded with generosity and allowed us, in three short weeks, to take the 4th badge position. People really wanted to help and were as excited as we were about the challenge.

11th Hour Rescue focuses on the elimination of the “disposable” pet concept and we strive to educate the community on the importance of spaying and neutering animals. Visit us at www.ehrdogs.org